In the beginning was Fsunjibleableje. It was a beast without form, and void. The beast hovered over the frozen earth. It was good.

During the mid 90's Fsun played and recorded over 50 shows in various locations throughout the state of Alaska. Performances involved noise, fire, props, projections, destruction, scarification, and other techniques. I was responsible for much of the electronic/synthesis elements of the Fsun sound. At one point or another, or none or all points, we smashed things.

During those years, I was recording a lot of N-Kontu tracks. However, half way into the span of Fsun ('94?), all of my equipment was vandalized during a break-in at our warehouse. Crushed in spirit and device, I recorded much less after that. Over the following months I was able to repair some of the equipment, but most was lost and too expensive to replace. Some months later I joined a punk band called Liquid Bandade with Trey Wolf and Craig Coleman. Liquid Bandade lasted for over 3 years during which it gained some small popularity.

One day Liquid Bandade was suddenly no more. Everyone was moving away, including myself, so many other projects fell to the side as life took a new turn. Nowadays, I'm focusing on my band, Phobophobe and I still continue to churn out half-baked solo recordings on the side. It's hardf to get into a creative zone with a 9 to 5, but I somehow manage the ocassional escape.